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About Us

Putting Ideas into Practice

Architect Meira Mor | Firm Owner
Graduate of the Technion in 1976. Worked as salaried at Ram Carmi office until 1980.

The firm was established in 1980 based on the idea of an uncompromising striving for the best planning results, environmental and architectural perspective, and the best solution to max the potential of each site plan.

Years of experience brings the professional knowledge of all areas related to planning, and with it the ability to check each time the design concept, the advanced solutions
in the construction and ability to cope with unconventional solutions to the planning and construction.

The firm's team based on architects who see architectural design as their uncompromising purpose the firm's uniqueness is its size, a size not proportional to their level and importance of  planned projects.

Firm size allows for intensive involvement in all phases of architectural design firm, personal and individual care to each and every project, emphasis optimal customer service.
The firm is a boutique firm that gives great weight to the quality of planning, from the stage of the concept to the smallest detail. The architect Mrs. Meira Mor offers many years of experience in designing residential buildings, in Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities.

The firm plans major and important projects in Tel Aviv and the environment such as -boutique hotel -42 rooms  in 9, Lilienblum st.- a historic building conservation with the addition of a new wing.
Project  that the office won in a closed competition among the best architects in the city.

- Historic Eden Cinema complex in which a unique residential complex is planned,

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